ECA Science Kit Services – We take the headache out of material replenishment!

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ECA has been managing and restocking science education kits for schools and districts around the country for over 25 years. We offer turnkey kit management solutions that include prep, shipment, storage, replenishment and cleaning of kits and materials.

Buying kits from publishers is the easy part of adopting a kit-based science program. The difficult part is maintaining the kits and sustaining their use over time. Most school systems that buy science kits fail to adequately plan systems to refurbish the kits between uses and provide the needed materials that are either not supplied in the kits (i.e. “teacher supplied items”) or take extra preparation time. The most successful school districts using hands-on science kits use a centralized refurbishing model that ECA offers.

The Benefits of ECA

ECA makes using science kits easy for teachers and cost-effective for school districts.


We do all of the prep, transportation and cleanup.


Kits are delivered complete, prepped and ready-to-teach!


Services are tailored to fit your budget.

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