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Whether you are in need of basic school supplies, engaging materials for hands-on activities or printed worksheets to support virtual learning, ECA can help. We currently offer a variety of services to meet the needs of your curriculum and students and can support kits for all subject areas and grade levels.

We have expanded our services during the COVID-19 pandemic to make sure teachers have the supplies and resources they need to continue providing high-quality instruction to their students, whether that’s in-person learning or online.

Subject Area Kits

While science is our sweet spot, we can create kits for all subjects and grade levels. Our kits are customized based on curriculum, unit, and lesson to make sure you get everything needed for the lesson. We’re adding new items to our inventory all the time to support new subject areas.

School Essentials Pack

Back-to-school is different this year, and our customizable School Essentials Pack provides students with the school supplies they need. The Packs are a great solution for schools starting the year with remote learning, as they ensure every student has access to the same materials and supplies.

Printed Student Packets

Our team can design, print and distribute printed packets for your students. The packets are perfect for schools in remote environments but will also allow for a quick and efficient transition for schools that are forced to switch from face-to-face to remote.

Live Materials

No more coupons! If you need live material for your lessons, we prep, deliver and pick up on a pre-determined schedule based on the districts’ kit use plan.

We offer a variety of servicing options, including full service, refill service and live material service. Our systems and staff are uniquely positioned to assemble, pack and deliver the kits you need for your students.

Full ServiceRefill ServiceLive Service
Added Non-Consumable Items

ECA supplements kits with many added non-consumable items that teachers need but are not supplied by publishers.

Added Consumable Items

ECA supplements kits with many added consumable items that teachers need but are not supplied by publishers.

Prepped Non-Consumable Items

ECA's staff prepares certain non-consumable items to a ready-to-use condition.

Prepped Consumable Items

Some consumable items need to be cut, measured, counted or assembled. ECA preps many items so they are ready to use when the teacher needs them.

Live Materials Scheduling and Delivery

Teachers no longer have to mess with mail-in coupons. If a kit requires live materials, ECA will deliver live material in accordance with a pre-determined delivery schedule based on the districts’ kit use plan.

Live Materials Pickup

ECA’s staff will pick up the live materials when the kits are picked up.

Broken and Work Out Items Replaced

ECA replaces worn out and broken non-consumable items. This assures that your school district's kits are maintained in a like-new condition. (Does not apply to printed materials owned by the client school district.)

Quality Control

ECA has developed quality control systems to assure that kits are delivered error free.

Kit Delivery and Pickup

Kits, supplies and live materials are delivered directly to each school and picked up by ECA staff and trucks.

✔Delivery Only

ECA stores kits between uses in our warehouses

Kit Rotation Schedules

ECA can rotate kits between schools to save districts money

Teacher Notices

Teachers receive various email communications from ECA such as Kit Order Confirmations, Live Material Schedules, Kit Pick-Up Reminders, Advance Instructions Notices and more.

Tip Sheets

Kits include Tip Sheets with information about added items, kit use, live materials care and helpful ideas about teaching various lessons.

Accountability Notices

School district administrators are notified by ECA if a kit is returned unused or partially used. This allows curriculum administrators to work with teachers that are uncomfortable using the kits.

Customized Webpage

Teachers and administrators can logon to a customized webpage to check delivery schedules and download important information about kits and live materials.

Customer Support

Teachers can contact us anytime via phone or email. Service is our priority and your schedule is our schedule.

Professional Development

We host and plan professional development events based on your needs.

Additional Fee

Contact us today to learn more about ECA’s educational kit solutions. Our team is ready to get started. 800-537-0008