Distance Learning – ECA

We offer packing, prepping, storage and shipment of solutions for all grade levels and subject areas. With more than 20,000 supplies available, we can create a kit that works for you. Our kits arrive ready-to-teach and can be delivered to district offices, schools or directly to student homes.


Student Packets

As we know, districts are using different curriculums and teaching in new ways. To meet these needs, ECA’s service enables districts to create and customize “distance learning packets” for their students that align to the curriculums the district has implemented. Packets can include ALL grades (Pk-12) and ALL subject areas: Math, Science, Art, ELA, Social Studies, PE, Music and more! Packets will arrive prepped, packed and ready for remote use! Sample here

Essential Packets

Students and parents/guardians need back-to-school supplies that are often available in districts – notebooks, paper, crayons, pencils, scissors. Create an “essential pack” for your students to make sure they have the necessary materials to support them during distance learning.

Printing Services

One of our most popular services for distance learning! We have learned that “the internet is out” is the new “the dog ate my homework.” Put the resources in their hands by printing what your students need. ECA can print worksheets and booklets for the district that will arrive assembled in grab-n-go grade-level packets for easy distribution. Make distance learning more convenient for everyone! (Bonus: Worksheets can be turned in or mailed to teachers for grading!) Sample Here

Teacher Packets

Teachers need stuff too! Set your teachers up for success to teach from home. Customize a pack for all-year use or just for the Fall!

PD At-Home Packets

Doing virtual Professional Development? Create teacher packets for PD training at-home.

Don’t Want to Customize?

Done with all the planning for now? We get it! Order Student Packets that align to Mystery Science. We have predefined student packets available to order immediately that align with Mystery Science curriculum. We can provide student packets for all-year use or just for the Fall (or you can customize it to meet your budget). Pricing and Sample Here

Already Ordered Materials for Your District?

No problem! Have materials shipped to ECA, and let us take the headache out of it for you! We will assemble into student packets and distribute for you!

Outdoor Kit

Create an outdoor kit for your students for PE or earth science—balls, frisbee, gardening (seeds, soil, shovels) and more!

Live Materials

Butterfly kits, eco-columns, aquaponics and more! Yes, we ship habitats and the creatures too!


If your district and schools are closed, ECA can receive your shipments for you and redistribute when you reopen.

Distribution Options

Distribution is available to each student and/or to multiple locations at a district. We can distribute stored materials or kits ECA assembles or maybe you have another idea! Let us know what you need!

Contact us today to learn more about ECA’s services. Our team is ready to get started. 800-537-0008