Refurbishment – ECA Science Kit Services

How it works

ECA Science Kit Services is a unique service that provides solutions for school districts that are coping with managing science materials for elementary and middle school grades. Discovering the challenges teachers and districts face with managing science materials – time, cost, sustainability and storage – ECA Science Kit Services launched to support school districts in their efforts to have engaging science inquiry in their classrooms.  We take the burden off of the teachers so they can focus on teaching!

ECA preps materials in advance to save teachers' time

Let us do the work for you.

Many items need to be cut, measured, counted or assembled. ECA preps these items in advance for teachers. Kits arrive in ready-to-use condition!

No more late night runs to Walmart.

We think it’s important for teachers to have all the materials they need for a lesson. ECA supplements kits with necessary “teacher-supplied” items.

ECA includes "Teacher Supplied" items
ECA cleans, replenishes and stores kits after use

You dirty up your science kits, and ECA cleans them up.

We unpack, inventory, clean and replenish materials. The district’s science kits are kept in like-new condition for district use.

We handle transportation & logistics!

No need to transport to and from district offices- we pick up and deliver to each and every school in your district. Kits are delivered in teacher’s name, with all materials sorted for their classes.

No need to transport to and from district offices
ECA delivers and picks up live materials

Yes, we pick up live materials too.

Teachers no longer have to mess with mail-in coupons. ECA delivers live materials on the district’s pre-determined delivery schedule. Yes, it’s true! We pick-up the live materials too.

Teachers have enough to worry about.

ECA takes the headache out of managing kit-based science programs.

Teachers can spend more time on instruction

Contact us today to learn more about ECA’s services. Our team is ready to get started. 800-537-0008